Apply for the DIPP – Join us! (Photography)


Academic Requirements

A truly excellent academic performance and prior research experience is expected. Distinctive proficiency in textbook knowledge of the relevant scientific disciplines is essential. Applicants must hold, or anticipate receiving before taking up PhD thesis work, an undergraduate degree in one of the following disciplines: 

  • Life sciences
  • Natural sciences
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Medicine

In general, a very good Master degree or equivalent is required. Applicants holding an excellent BSc degree are also welcome to apply, given that independent research and a written thesis is part of the curriculum. Candidates holding a medical degree must have completed their course of study before starting their PhD thesis, including the exam equivalent to the German 2nd State Exam.

Application requirements

Only applications submitted electronically via our online application system are accepted and proceed to evaluation. Applications, or parts thereof, submitted by fax, e-mail or postal mail cannot be processed.

Scanned copies of University certificates and transcripts of marks (record of study) documenting your entire University education are part of your application and need to be uploaded. If your current course of study is still ongoing, please provide the latest transcript, respectively a temporary confirmation of the results obtained so far, and state when you expect to receive your final degree. Applications without the required documents cannot be considered. Provision of GRE examination results is strongly recommended but not mandatory.

The timely receipt of two online recommendations is prerequisite for submission.

Participation in the interview week is indispensable if you wish to be considered for admission to the Dresden International PhD Program.

Language Requirements

The language of the DIPP is English and very good proficiency in English is required. Provision of TOEFL or IELTS results are strongly recommended but are not mandatory.

Requirements for previously affiliated applicants

Admission is based solely on scientific qualification and potential. The admission procedure must ensure the excellence of our PhD Program and the recruitment of only the highest qualified candidates. In order to prevent favoritism or bias, candidates who have previously been affiliated with a DIPP research group are eligible for admission, however, they cannot join a DIPP research group they have previously been affiliated with for more than 3 months, or after the application deadline of the respective selection round.