Progress towards PhD degree

Duration of thesis

The “Duration of PhD thesis” includes the work on the thesis project, the writing-up and the submission to the Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden). The typical duration of a PhD thesis is 3.5 to 4 years, the actual thesis duration is defined for each PhD student in the 3rd Annual Report Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting.  The maximum duration of a PhD thesis, and the maximum duration of full financial support, is 4 years.

Requirements during doctorate

Registration as PhD student at the TU Dresden

DIPP students are registered as PhD students at one of the participating TUD faculties upon start of the thesis work. The faculties are responsible for awarding the doctoral degree. Enrolment at the TU Dresden as student grants an official student status and is optional.

TAC Meetings

DIPP students are obliged to organize their TAC meetings in a timely manner, and to submit Annual Reports one week prior to the meetings. Annual Reports are subject to approval by the TAC. This approval is a prerequisite for continued participation in the Dresden International PhD Program.

Participation in Training

The Introductory Predoc Course and the foundation-level training in writing  are compulsory courses for all DIPP students. Furthermore, regular participation in Journal Clubs, group meetings, internal and research seminars belong to the minimum requirements for successful completion of the curriculum.

Lab Rotations

PhD students who enter the DIPP holding a BSc degree only will perform lab rotations prior to taking up thesis work. In general, two 4-week rotations in one of the DIPP Research Groups are required.

Doctoral Thesis

The Dissertation (written thesis) is generally the self-contained work of one author written in English. As a rule, cumulative theses (i.e. a compilation of previously published work) are not accepted.

Requirements for the PhD degree

The faculties at the TU Dresden are responsible for awarding the doctoral degrees. In general, the proceedings towards a doctoral degree include the Dissertation (written thesis), the Rigorosum (oral examination), and the Disputation (public defense). PhD students can choose between the traditional German doctoral title and an English doctoral title.

The PhD degrees awarded by the TUD faculties are:

FacultyPhD degreeDoctorate Regulations
Faculty of Science Dr.rer.nat., or Ph.D. German
English – not legally binding!
Faculty of Medicine Dr.rer.medic., or Ph.D. Dr. rer. medic (German)
Ph.D. (German)
Dr. rer. medic (English – not legally binding!)
Ph.D. (English – not legally binding!)
Faculty of Computer Science Dr.-Ing., Dr.rer.nat., or Ph.D. German
English – not legally binding!


Upon fulfillment of the requirements and graduates, the DIPP grants a certificate in addition to the doctoral certificate issued by the TU Dresden. The DIPP certificate confirms successful completion of the PhD Program and is supplemented by a detailed program description.