Courses and activities throughout PhD thesis work (infographic)

Training is research based

Training in the Dresden International PhD Program is research based. Emphasis lies on learning while performing a top-notch research project in a highly interactive and interdisciplinary environment, often supported by expert scientific services. The research based thesis work is complemented by a carefully shaped and unique training program that is dedicated to offer outstanding learning opportunities.

Highlights of the curriculum

Highlights of the curriculum are the Introductory Predoc Course and the program “Excellence in the communication of science” which are organized for all PhD students. Additionally, PhD students can choose from the large variety of Advanced Courses such as the highly popular microscopy and imaging courses.

Supplementary training at the TUD Graduate Academy

DIPP PhD students also profit from the supplementary training offered by the TUD Graduate Academy through privileged membership. The Graduate Academy focuses on developing transferable skills and key competencies as well as on the personality development of young researchers.