Seminars & Journal Clubs

International Speaker Seminars

International renowned scientists are invited by the participating institutions to present their scientific work in Dresden. While attending seminars in the home institution belongs to an integral part of the education, DIPP PhD students are encouraged to attend further research seminars regularly and based on interest and need.

Logo Dresden Science Calendar

The Dresden Science Calendar supports interdisciplinary research in Dresden by collecting, structuring and distributing announcements of upcoming scientific talks via a unified internet platform.

Internal Seminars

PhD students participate at the internal seminars organized by the hosting institution. At least once during the PhD thesis work, each PhD student will have the opportunity to present their own scientific work to a large audience.

Journal Clubs

Journal Clubs offer training in critically reading and discussion of scientific publications – one of the major tasks of scientific work. DIPP PhD students attend and present in Journal Clubs on a regular basis. A wide variety of Journal Clubs are organized by group leaders or DIPP PhD students.