Transferable Skills

Language Courses

“Ich darf nicht vergessen, meinen Wecker zu stellen” means “I must not forget to set my alarm clock.” This is one of the first sentences the German Intensive Course participants learn – because PhD students have to get up early to attend the daily 4h course. Up to 10 PhD students participate in the German Intensive Course organized by the DIPP. The number of participants is limited in order to ensure best conditions. These courses are offered twice a year (usually in spring and fall), totaling 40 hours spread over 2 weeks. They are intended to enable absolute beginners to cope with everyday situations in German within a very short time.

The intensive German courses are judged by the participants to be demanding and laborious, but well worth the effort. Learning German can be continued in weekly courses and trained with German lab or room mates.

DIPP German course: participants group photo
“Die Milch, der Quark, der Frischkäse” – the DIPP German course