Photography of Dresden’s historic city center

Getting Around

Public Transportation

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Buses & Trams

Dresden has a well-developed public-transport system of trams and buses, which allows you to go out to most places, or restaurants without the necessity to use a car, including to far flung places like Pillnitz.

DVB – local public transport provider

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Suburban Railway

The Dresden suburban railway services connect the City with the most important communities of the Upper Elbe region:
S1 Meissen – Pirna – Schöna (Saxon Switzerland)
S2 Dresden Central Station – Klotzsche – Arnsdorf
S3 Dresden Central Station – Freital – Tharandt.

VVO – regional public transport association

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Deutsche Bahn (German Railway)

The German railway network links Dresden with all major German and European destinations. Long-distance trains arrive at or depart from one of two major stations: the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), at Wiener Platz and the Bahnhof Dresden-Neustadt, at Schlesischer Platz. – German railway network

Some very special ways to get around in Dresden

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A very common way to get around Dresden is via bicycle. The local group of the German Cycle Club ADFC holds a wealth of useful hints for cyclists in the city: brochures and flyers are published regularly. The most important route for cyclists within the city is the Elbe cycle path, which winds its way through the city, aside from all motorized traffic, on both banks of the river.

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If you want to explore Dresden and its charming surroundings at a more leisurely pace you can use the old traditional Elbe paddle steamers of the Saxon Steamship Company. The Saxon Steamship Company maintains 9 historical paddle-steamers, the oldest and largest paddle-steamer fleet in the world. You can take an evening cruise to enjoy the full effect of Dresden at night or take one of the many special events cruises, including jazz and Dixieland cruises on weekends.

Sächsische Dampfschiffahrt (Saxon Steamship Company)

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Cable Cars

Dresden has two cable cars offering stunning views over the city and the Elbe valley: the 563-metre-long Standseilbahn (Funicular Railway), which links Loschwitz to Weißer Hirsch and a 274-metre-long Schwebebahn (Suspension Railway) linking Loschwitz with Oberloschwitz. The valley stations of both railways are situated at Körnerplatz.

The cable cars on the website of Dresden’s public transport provider