Some of the DIPP PhD students



Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan (Tolić-Nørrelykke, MPG) – “Dynein dynamics during meiotic nuclear oscillations of fission yeast” (2014)

Marek Baumann (Toth, TUD) – “Transmission of HORMAD1’s versatile prophase I functions via interaction with IHO1 and HORMAD2 on the chromosome axes” (2014)

Uddipta Biswas (Jessberger, TUD) – “Dissecting the roles of cohesin complexes in murine spermatocytes” (2014)

Sebastian Boland (Kurzchalia, MPG) – “Regulation of Caenorhabditis elegans Development by an Interplay between Sterols and Glycosphingolipids” (2014)

Debojyoti Chakraborty (Buchholz, TUD) – “Systematic dissection of long non coding RNAs involved in the regulation of embryonic stem cell pluripotency” (2014)

Martin Dressler (Hyman, MPG) – “Dynamics of pericentriolar material during the first cell division of Caenorhabditis elegans embryos” (2014)

Tiago Ferreira (Ader, TUD) – “Day light vision repair by cell transplantation” (2014)

Michael Gerlach (Speier, TUD) – “In vivo imaging of islets of Langerhans adaptation to pregnancy” (2014)

Mansi Gupta (Brand, TUD) – “Fine-tuning of Fgf8 morphogen gradient by the extracellular matrix” (2014)

Melek Kayserili Erkut (Tomancak, MPG) – “Investigating evolutionary divergence and quantitative traits in population of early Drosophila melanogaster embryos” (2014)

Ana Lisica (Grill, MPG) – “Single-molecule study of transcription by RNA polymerase I” (2014)

Martin Machyna (Neugebauer, MPG) – “The central role of RNA-protein interactions in Cajal body structure and function” (2014)

Liliana Malinovska (Alberti, MPG) – “Specific adaptations in the proteostasis network of the social amoebae Dictyostelium discoideum lead to an unusual resilience to protein aggregation” (2014)

Meri Manucharyan (Storch, TUD) – “Mitochondrial biogenesis and function in neural stem cells and their differentiated derivatives” (2014)

Anja Marciniak (Speier, TUD) – “Emerging Ngn3 expression in islets of Langerhans during early pregnancy” (2014)

Annelie Oswald (Oates, MPG) – “Hairy Switches and Oscillators - Reconstructing the Zebrafish Segmentation Clock” (2014)

Madalena Pereira (Ader, TUD) – “Cell-based replacement of retinal pigment epithelium in rodent models of retinal degeneration” (2014)

Anne Roscher (Jessberger, TUD) – “SWAP-70 regulates osteoclast function by modulating the actin cytoskeleton” (2014)

Martin Sztacho (Hoflack, TUD) – “F-BAR proteins PSTPIP1 and PSTPIP2 regulate sealing zones in bone resorbing osteoclasts” (2014)

Davi Torres (Stewart, TUD) – “Understanding H3K36 methyltransferases in mouse embryonic stem cells” (2014)

Robert Wieduwild (Zhang, TUD) – “Physical Hydrogels Based on Peptide Oligosaccharide Interaction” (2014)

Fong Kuan Wong (Huttner, MPG) – “Generation of basal radial glia in the embryonic mouse dorsal telencephalon” (2014)

Jia-Jiun Yan (Antos, TUD) – “Identification of regulatory domains that determine the subcellular distribution of the protein Simplet” (2014)

Ievgeniia Zagoriy (Zachariae, MPG) – “The Role of Polo-like Kinase in Regulating the Prophase-to-Metaphase Transition of Meiosis I” (2014)


Abdallah Abu Taha (Schnittler, TUD) – “Dynamics of Endothelial Cell Junctions” (2013)

Maryam Aliee (Juelicher, MPG) – “Dynamics and mechanics of compartment boundaries in developing tissues” (2013)

Martin Bergert (Paluch, MPG) – “Mechanics of protrusion formation and bleb-based migration in animal cells” (2013)

Valentina Botti (Eckmann, MPG) – “Characterization of C. elegans cytoplasmic poly(A) polymerases” (2013)

Mara Catani (Bonifacio, TUD) – “Receptor repertoire of the autoimmune response in type 1 diabetes” (2013)

Grzegorz Chwastek (Schwille, TUD) – “Interactions of FCHo2 with lipid membranes” (2013)

Andrew Clark (Paluch, MPG) – “Thickness, Dynamics and Mechanics of the Actomyosin Cortex” (2013)

Kadriye Cosgun (Waskow, TUD) – “Kit regulates HSC engraftment across the mouse human species barrier” (2013)

Annett Duemmler (Tanaka, TUD) – “Characterization of pluripotency genes in axolotl spinal cord regeneration” (2013)

Regina Duryagina (Bornhäuser, TUD) – “Role of Jagged-1 and extracellular matrix components for the maintenance of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells during ex-vivo expansion” (2013)

Rubén Ferrer (Bornhäuser, TUD) – “Functional analysis of the bone marrow microenvironment in myelodysplastic syndrome: targeting the disease niche” (2013)

Yannick Fuchs (Bonifacio, TUD) – “Identification of CD8+ T cell targets and epitopes in autoimmune diabetes” (2013)

Maria Gaertner (Koch, TUD) – “Combining high-resolution optical coherence tomography with fluorescence microscopy for lung tissue imaging on the alveolar level” (2013)

Jens Gaitzsch (Voit, LG) – “Synthesis of photo crosslinked and pH sensitive polymersomes and applications in synthetic biology” (2013)

Veikko Geyer (Howard, MPG) – “Characterization of the flagellar beat of the single cell green alga Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii” (2013)

Gamze Gunal (Jessberger, TUD) – “Stage-specific binding profile of cohesin in resting and switch-activated B lymphocytes” (2013)

Nagananda Gurudev (Knust, MPG) – “Identifying genes related to crumbs and elucidating the role of Crumbs in regulating the apical compartment of Drosophila photoreceptor neuron” (2013)

Patricia Heyn (Neugebauer, MPG) – “Nuclear architecture and gene expression during early zebrafish development” (2013)

Yu-Ping Ho (Lindemann, TUD) – “Characterization and Manipulation of Foamy Virus Capsid-Cell Interactions” (2013)

Peter Hoboth (Solimena, TUD) – “Novel insights into insulin secretory granule dynamics: The relationship between insulin secretory granule age and the cortical cytoskeleton” (2013)

Andreas Hofmann (Roedel, TUD) – “The mitochondrial phenotype of human mesenchymal stem cells undergoing adipogenic differentiation” (2013)

Dennis Kappei (Buchholz, TUD) – “Novel telomere binding proteins” (2013)

Irakli Kopaliani (Deussen, TUD) – “Antihypertensive and Cardioprotective Effects of the Dipeptide Isoleucine-Tryptophan” (2013)

Alexandra Kumichel (Knust, MPG) – “Epithelial cell polarity in the embryonic hindgut of Drosophila melanogaster” (2013)

Nikolaos Kyritsis (Brand, TUD) – “The Role of Inflammation during Zebrafish Central Nervous System Regeneration” (2013)

Oksana Lavrynenko (Shevchenko, MPG) – “Drosophila ecdysteroidome by LC-MS/MS” (2013)

Bo-Kai Liao (Oates, MPG) – “Quantitative study of deltaD gene dosage in zebrafish somitogenesis” (2013)

Daniel Lohmann (Thiele, MPG) – “Posttranslational modifications of Ancient Ubiquitous Protein 1 control intracellular Lipid Droplet clustering” (2013)

Nicholas Luzzietti (Seidel, TUD) – “The role of H2A-H2B dimers in the mechanical stability of chromatin” (2013)

Sophia Millonigg (Eckmann, MPG) – “The translational activator complex GLD-4/GLS-1 regulates germline stem cell self-renewal and differentiation in the adult C. elegans germ line” (2013)

Sundar Naganathan (Grill, MPG) – “Regulation of mesoscale physical properties of the C.elegans actomyosin cortex” (2013)

Enrico Perini (Zerial, MPG) – “In vitro reconstitution of the molecular mechanisms of vesicle tethering and membrane fusion” (2013)

Marija Podolski (Howard, MPG) – “Characterization of the budding yeast microtubule polymerase Stu2” (2013)

Bhavna Rajasekaran (Oates, MPG) – “Analysis of Movement of Cellular Oscillators in the Pre-somitic mesoderm of the zebrafish embryo” (2013)

Jonathan Rodenfels (Eaton, MPG) – “The Role of Systemically Circulating Hedgehog in Drosophila melanogaster” (2013)

Stephan Saalfeld (Tomancak, MPG) – “Towards Large Scale Reconstruction of Neuro-Anatomy at Nanometer Resolution” (2013)

Rene Schneider (Diez, MPG) – “A novel parabolic prism-type TIR microscope to study gold nanoparticle-loaded kinesin-1 motors with nanometer precision” (2013)

Erdinc Sezgin (Schwille, TUD) – “Continuously variable lipid packing as the principle of functional membrane heterogeneity” (2013)

Rashim Pal Singh (Wielockx, TUD) – “The Role of HIF-Prolyl hydroxylase 2 (PHD2) and Erythropoietin in the Hematopoietic System” (2013)

Ana Stevanovic (Thiele, MPG) – “Structural requirements for targeting of Ancient ubiquitous protein 1 (AUP1) to lipid droplets and discovery of novel regulators of lipid droplet storage” (2013)

Sabine Stopp (Bornhäuser, TUD) – “Functional characterization of MCAM within the human bone marrow niche” (2013)

Christian Stumpp (Bonifacio, TUD) – “Controlling Autoimmunity and Transplant Rejection by Targeting Interleukin-7 Mediated Signaling” (2013)


Miguel Turrero Garcia (Huttner, MPG) – “Analysis of the cell cycle of neural progenitors in the developing ferret neocortex” (2013)

Ana Zarzosa Álvarez (Tanaka, TUD) – “Size Control of Dorsal Root Ganglia in developing axolotls” (2013)


Davide Accardi (Tolić-Nørrelykke, MPG) – “Dynein redistribution during nuclear oscillations in Schizosaccharomyces pombe” (2012)

Benedetta Artegiani (Calegari, TUD) – “A Transitory Overexpression of Cdk4/CyclinD1 Triggers a Greater Expansion of Neural Stem Cells and Neurons in the Adult Mouse Brain” (2012)

Senthil Arumugam (Schwille, TUD) – “Reconstitution of bacterial cytokinesis - the Z-ring” (2012)

Maria Begasse (Hyman, MPG) – “Thermal constrains on the embryonic cell division rate and fitness of Nematodes” (2012)

Viktoria Betaneli (Schwille, TUD) – “Voltage dependent anion channel: Interaction with lipid membranes” (2012)

Nicole Bieberstein (Neugebauer, MPG) – “Histone 3 lysine 4 trimethylation and co-transcriptional splicing: A positive feedback loop reinforcing gene expression” (2012)

Cornelia Blei (Jessberger, TUD) – “The role of cohesin SMC1ß and its chromosome association in murine meiosis” (2012)

Danielle Borg (Bonifacio, TUD) – “The role of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells in the survival and function of ?-cells” (2012)

Carlos Chacon Martinez (Jessberger, TUD) – “Regulation of actin dynamics by SWAP-70” (2012)

Karolina Chwalek (Werner, LG) – “Vascular morphogenesis in starPEG-heparin hydrogels” (2012)

Miguel Coelho (Tolić-Nørrelykke, MPG) – “Ageing by passive aggregation and stochastic distribution of protein aggregates” (2012)

Magdalena Czekaj (Ader, TUD) – “Retinal stem cells: Isolation, expansion, differentiation and transplantation” (2012)

Mehdi Damaghi (Mueller, TUD) – “Characterizing the Functional and Folding Mechanism of ?-barrel Transmembrane Proteins Using Atomic Force Microscope” (2012)

Dominic Eberle (Ader, TUD) – “Cell transplantation and gene therapy approaches for the treatment of retinal degenerative disorders” (2012)

Stefanie Eichler (Fahmy, HG) – “Structure, Function and Dynamics of G-Protein coupled Receptors” (2012)

Cihan Erkut (Kurzchalia, MPG) – “Molecular Mechanisms of Anhydrobiosis in Caenorhabditis elegans” (2012)

Simone Fietz (Huttner, MPG) – “Neocortex expansion in the human and ferret - a cell biological and molecular analysis of neural progenitors” (2012)

Kristin Franke (Wielockx, TUD) – “A novel conditional PHD2 deficient mouse line gives new insight into the interplay of oxygen and red blood cell production” (2012)

Xicotencatl Gracida Canales (Eckmann, MPG) – “Roles of a nuclear hormone receptor during C. elegans germline development” (2012)

Marcus Jahnel (Grill, MPG) – “Dual-trap optical tweezers for single molecule studies of transcription” (2012)

Iana Kalinina (Tolić-Nørrelykke, MPG) – “Kinetochore capture by intranuclear microtubules in Schizosaccharomyces pombe” (2012)

Madina Karimova (Buchholz, TUD) – “Novel Cre-like site-specific recombinases for genome engineering” (2012)


Iva Kelava (Huttner, MPG) – “Basal radial glia in mammalian neocortical development - insights into brain evolution” (2012)

Antje Kettelhake (Breier, TUD) – “The Role of the Oxygen Sensor PHD1 and PHD3 during Tumor Progression” (2012)

Beate Kuechler (Antos, TUD) – “Simplet is required for ?-catenin-dependent Wnt signal transduction” (2012)

Liang Lu (Ravens, TUD) – “Design and validation of a bioreactor system to simulate the cardiac niche” (2012)

Maria Grazia Magro (Solimena, TUD) – “Studies on the Role of PTBP Family Proteins in Pancreatic beta-cells” (2012)

Soulafa Mamlouk (Breier, TUD) – “Modulation of Prolyl Hydroxylase Domain 2 (PHD2) in Tumor Inflammation” (2012)

Zuzana Markova (Zachariae, MPG) – “Regulation of Meiotic Prophase by the Anaphase-Promoting Complex” (2012)

Manuel Neetz (Tolić-Nørrelykke, MPG) – “Collective behavior of molecular motors” (2012)

Miki Nonaka (Calegari, TUD) – “Generation of Transgenic mice for the inducible expansion of neural stem cells” (2012)

Francisco Pan-Montojo (Funk, TUD) – “Effect of rotenone on the enteric nervous system: implication's in Parkinson's disease pathophysiology” (2012)

Stephanie Protze (Ravens, TUD) – “Transdetermination and Lineage Reprogramming: Promising Strategies to generate Cardiomyocytes from Mature Cells?” (2012)

Julia Riewaldt (Kretschmer, TUD) – “The role of regulatory T cells in autoimmune and steady-state lympho-hematopoiesis” (2012)

Nadiia Rozmaritsa (Ravens, TUD) – “Regulation of Ca2+-handling proteins by nitric oxide in atrial myocytes from patients in sinus rhythm and atrial fibrillation” (2012)

Andreas Sagner (Eaton, MPG) – “Evolution of Planar Cell Polarity during wing development in Drosophila melanogaster” (2012)

Nikolay Samusik (Zerial, MPG) – “Reconstruction of functional networks from multiparametric high-throughput screens” (2012)

Kai Schuhmann (Bornstein, TUD) – “Shotgun lipidomics of metabolic disorders by high resolution mass spectrometry” (2012)

Ulrike Schumann (Funk, TUD) – “Influence of visible blue light on photoreceptors” (2012)

Katja Schurig (Storch, TUD) – “Tissue engineering for reconstructing the central dopaminergic nigro-striatal pathway in Parkinson´s disease: Cutting edge cell culture studies” (2012)

Friedrich Schwarz (Seidel, TUD) – “The role of 1D diffusion for directional long-range communication on DNA” (2012)

Weronika Sikora-Wohlfeld (Beyer, TUD) – “Computational tools supporting the interpretation of protein interaction data and functional genomics screens” (2012)

Angela Simeone (Beyer, TUD) – “Integrative analysis of high-dimensional RNAi screens with an application to endocytosis” (2012)

Jana Sontheimer (Pisabarro, TUD) – “Functional characterization of proteins involved in cell cycle by structure-based computational methods” (2012)

Marko Storch (Howard, MPG) – “Characterization of microtubule stability regulating kinesins in vitro and introduction of a high throughput technique for studying kinesins on the single molecule level” (2012)

Anke Theil (Bonifacio, TUD) – “Exploring the therapeutic potential of autologous cord blood T regulatory cell therapy for type 1 diabetes” (2012)

Anastasiya Trushko (Howard, MPG) – “Interaction of XMAP215 with a microtubule plus-end studied with optical tweezers” (2012)

Pei-Yun Tsai (Kretschmer, TUD) – “Foxp3-Dependent Regulation of MicroRNA Expression during Regulatory T Cell Development” (2012)

Andrej Vasilj (Shevchenko, MPG) – “Label-free Quantitative Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics” (2012)

Roberto Villasenor (Zerial, MPG) – “Regulation of signal transduction by endosomal EGFR distribution” (2012)

Ines Wagner (Tanaka, TUD) – “Identification and proteolytic activation of a serum factor that induces S-phase re-entry in salamander muscle cells” (2012)

Yu Zhu (Tanaka, TUD) – “Reconstitution of three-dimensional neuroepithelia from mouse and human pluripotent stem cells” (2012)

Andrea Zieris (Werner, LG) – “Modulation of growth factor functionality through immobilization in starPEG-heparin networks” (2012)


Paulina Aleksandrowicz (Schnittler, TUD) – “Entry of Ebola virus into host cells” (2011)

Dina Amer (Vollmer, TUD) – “Estrogen receptor-beta dependent activities of dietary compounds in a genetically modified rat raphe nuclei-derived cell line” (2011)

Marcel Ander (Schaeffer, TUD) – “Clamping DNA strands: Nano-Mechanics of homologous recombination” (2011)

Alexander Arsov (Morawietz, TUD) – “Regulation of NADPH oxidase 4 under hypoxia in endothelial cells ” (2011)

Anil Belur Nagaraj (Bornhäuser, TUD) – “Understanding the regulation of tumor cell cycle to identify and characterize factors that negatively regulate the tumor phenotype.” (2011)

Mate Biro (Paluch, MPG) – “Mechanics and regulation of cell cortex assembly” (2011)

Anita Bledau (Anastassiadis, TUD) – “SET Histone methyltransferases in mouse embryonic stem cells and mammalian development” (2011)

Fernando Carrillo Oesterreich (Neugebauer, MPG) – “Co-transcriptional splicing in S.cerevisiae” (2011)

Giovanni Ciotta (Stewart, TUD) – “Tagging methods as a tool to investigate histone H3 methylation dynamics in mouse embryonic stem cells” (2011)

Alba Diz Muñoz (Paluch, MPG) – “Role of Cell protusions during cell migration in vivo” (2011)

Radoslaw Ejsmont (Tomancak, MPG) – “A toolkit for visualization of gene expression in live Drosophila embryos” (2011)

Horatiu Fantana (Howard, MPG) – “Mechanics of spindle centering in Caenorhabditits elegans” (2011)

Joao Firmino (Knust, MPG) – “A FRAP assay to determine the influence of Crumbs in membrane protein dynamics” (2011)

Ana Isabel Fonseca (Hoflack, TUD) – “The role of RhoGEFs, FGD6 and Tiam1, on actin and organelle dynamics in resorbing osteoclasts” (2011)

Sarah Hochmann (Brand, TUD) – “The role of Fgf signaling in photoreceptor maintenance and degeneration in the adult zebrafish retina” (2011)

Sven Klose (Knust, MPG) – “Investigation of the signal peptide and establishment of a novel structure-function analysis of crumbs in Drosophila melanogaster” (2011)

Franziska Knopf (Weidinger, TUD) – “Bone regenerates via dedifferentiation of osteoblasts in the zebrafish fin” (2011)

Volker Kroehne (Brand, TUD) – “Analysis of brain regeneration in adult zebrafish after traumatic injury” (2011)

Veena Kumari (Eaton, MPG) – “Discovery of a novel form of hedgehog that systematically circulates, and its signaling implications in Drosophila” (2011)

Aleksandar Kuzmanov (Breier, TUD) – ““Functional analysis of Factor inhibiting HIF-1 (FIH) in tumor progression.”” (2011)

Mohammed Mahamdeh (Schaeffer, TUD) – “High Resolution Optical Tweezers Optimized for Biological Studies” (2011)

Jean Léon Maitre (Heisenberg, MPG) – “Mechanics of Adhesion and De?Adhesion in Zebrafish Germ Layer Progenitors” (2011)

Giovanni Marsico (Zerial, MPG) – “Analysis of the interplay between endocytosis and cell morphology through the development of computational methods” (2011)

Erik Muellers (Lindemann, TUD) – “Prototype foamy virus gag nuclear localization and glycine-arginine box functions revised” (2011)

Eugeniu Nacu (Tanaka, TUD) – “Understanding cellular and molecular mechanisms of regeneration in Ambystoma mexicanum (axolotl)” (2011)

Anja Nitzsche (Buchholz, MPG) – “Role of Cohesin in the maintenance of embryonic stem cell identity” (2011)

Wilhelm Palm (Eaton, MPG) – “The Lipoprotein metabolism of Drosophila melanogaster” (2011)

Sider Penkov (Kurzchalia, MPG) – “Trehalose and trehalose lipids in Caenorhabditis elegans dauer larva” (2011)

Lara Planas Paz (Lammert, MPG) – “Mechanoinduction of lymph vessel expansion in the developing mouse embryo” (2011)

Claire Poulet (Ravens, TUD) – “Electrophysiological properties of skeletal muscle stem cells: functional evidence of their potential for cardiac differentiation?” (2011)

Stephan Preibisch (Tomancak, MPG) – “Reconstruction of multi-view microscopic acquisitions” (2011)

Silvia Prenninger (Calegari, TUD) – “Unraveling the molecular mechanisms underlying cell cycle progression and differentiation of neural progenitor cells during mouse brain development” (2011)

Marina Prewitz (Werner, LG) – “Decellularised extracellular matrices as instructive microenvironments for bone marrow derived stem cells” (2011)

Elena Quesada Hernandez (Heisenberg, MPG) – “The role of cell division orientation during zebrafish early development” (2011)

Aurelie Tomczak (Pisabarro, TUD) – “Discovery of novel chemokines in the human proteome with computational structure-based methods” (2011)

Rainer Winnenburg (Schroeder, TUD) – “Mutations and their role in protein interactions and diseases: Computational methods for automated retrieval, analysis and application” (2011)


Michael Berndt (Diez, MPG) – “Optical Near-fields in fluorescence microscopy - Techniques to access information in the third dimension on the nanometer scale” (2010)

Akhila Chandrashaker (Zerial, MPG) – “Systems analysis of early endosome motility through identification of molecular motors” (2010)

Michael Chopin (Jessberger, TUD) – “Unraveling SWAP-70 functions in B cell ontogeny” (2010)

Kuei-Fang Chung (Bornstein, TUD) – “Isolation and characterization of chromaffin progenitor cells from adult adrenal gland” (2010)

Markus Decker (Hyman, MPG) – “Setting centrosome size in the early Caenorhabditis elegans embryo” (2010)

Jan Eglinger (Lammert, MPG) – “A mechanism of cascular lumen widening revealed by an angiogenesis screen” (2010)

Andreas Ettinger (Huttner, MPG) – “Release of post-abscission midbodies from stem and cancer cells and potential links to differentiation ” (2010)

Gero Fink (Diez, MPG) – “Microtubule organisation by active cross-linking proteins” (2010)

Dorian Freudenreich (Brand, TUD) – “Genetic cell lineage tracing and transcriptome analysis of neuronal progenitor cells during neurogenesis and regeneration of the adult zebrafish telencephalon” (2010)

Livia Goto Silva (Zerial, MPG) – “Characterization of APPL signalling endosomes in neurons” (2010)

Garrett Greenan (Hyman, MPG) – “Setting mitotic apindle length in the early Caenorhabditis elegans embryo” (2010)

Anna Ivanova (Solimena, TUD) – “New method for distinguishing insulin secretory granules by age” (2010)

Steffen Jaensch (Hyman, MPG) – “Time-resolved quantification of centrosomes by automated image analysis suggests limiting component to set centrosome size in C. elegans embryos” (2010)

Karolina Jastrezbowska (Tomancak, MPG) – “Evolution of gene expression regulation during embryonic development of Drosophila species” (2010)

Birgit Kagermeier-Schenk (Weidinger, TUD) – “Genome-wide analysis of Wnt/beta-catenin target genes in zebrafish embryogenesis and characterization of a novel modifier of Wnt signaling pathways” (2010)

Hermann-Josef Kaiser (Simons, MPG) – “Membrane order and domain formation in cholesterol-containing membranes” (2010)

Joanna Kalucka (Breier, TUD) – “Relevance of Prolyl HIF Hydroxylase 2 (PHD) during embryo development and wound healing” (2010)

Heiko Keller (Schwille, TUD) – “New in vitro model for studying the influence of HIV-1 gag assembly on lateral membrane organization” (2010)

Helena Khaliullina (Eaton, MPG) – “Patched-mediated regulation of smoothened trafficking and activity by Lipophorin-derived lipids” (2010)

Adriana Klyszejko (Mueller, TUD) – “Investigating structure and assembly of the energy conversion machinery of the cell by atomic force microscopy” (2010)

Katharina Landsberg (Dahmann, MPG) – “The role of cell bond tension in directing cell sorting at the anteroposterior compartment boundary in wing imaginal dices of Drosophila melanogaster” (2010)

Christian Lange (Calegari, TUD) – “Cdk4/CyclinD1 Overexpression in Neural Stem Cells Shortens G1, Delays Neurogenesis, and Promotes the Generation and Expansion of Basal Progenitors” (2010)

Martin Loose (Schwille, TUD) – “Self-organization of min proteins in vitro” (2010)

Mirjam Mayer (Grill, MPG) – “Mechanics if the C. elegans cell cortex” (2010)

Christine Moessinger (Thiele, MPG) – “Identification, regulation and physiological role of enzymes involved in triacylglycerol and phosphatidylcholine synthesis on lipid droplets” (2010)

Nadine Muschalik (Knust, MPG) – “Epithelial cell polarity and photoreceptor morphogenesis in Drosophila” (2010)

Elwy Okaz (Zachariae, MPG) – “The role of proteolysis in regulating entry into the first division of meiosis” (2010)

Corina Oswald (Roedel, TUD) – “Mitochondrial copper homeostasis in mammalian cells” (2010)

Maciej Paszkowski-Rogacz (Buchholz, MPG) – “Integration and analysis of phenotypic data from functional screens” (2010)

Daniela Roellig (Oates, MPG) – “The role of the hes5 gene family in the evolution of the somitogenesis clock” (2010)

Maria Rostovskaya (Stewart, TUD) – “Lineage commitment of conditionally immortalized bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells from tetracycline-regulated SV40 large t-antigen transgenic mice” (2010)

Agata Rybarska (Eckmann, MPG) – “he novel protein GLS-1 modulates conserved mRNA regulatory machinery and has important roles in C. elegans germline development” (2010)

Julio Sampaio (Simons, MPG) – “The role of lipids in cellular architecture and function” (2010)

Judith Schenk (Huttner, MPG) – “Interkinetic nuclear migration and centrosome positioning in mammalian neural progenitors: The role of non-muscle myosin II” (2010)

Mario Schöne (Thiele, MPG) – “Neutral lipid storage in yeast” (2010)

Christian Schroeter (Oates, MPG) – “Segmentation clock dynamics in zebrafish her gene mutants” (2010)

Jakub Sedzinski (Paluch, MPG) – “Mechanics of the polar cell cortex during cytokinesis” (2010)

Daniele Soroldoni (Oates, MPG) – “Tracking the oscillations of high-fidelity BAC transgenes during zebrafish somitogenesis” (2010)

Michal Surma (Simons, MPG) – “Molecular organization of late secretory pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae” (2010)

Shuizi Yu (Brand, TUD) – “Biophysical characterization of fibroblast growth factor 8 signalling and morphogen gradient formation in vivo” (2010)


Fuat Aksoy (Pompe, TUD) – “Interaction of metal nanoparticles with fluorophores and their effect of fluorescence” (2009)

Manonmani Arunachalam (Tomancak, MPG) – “Computational discovery of cis-regulatory elements in multiple Drosophila species” (2009)

Tatsiana Audzevich (Jessberger, TUD) – “The function of SWP-70 in CD40/IL-4 induced beta cell activation and immunoglobulin E class switch recombination” (2009)

Volker Bormuth (Howard, MPG) – “Optimized optical tweezers to study the mechanics of kinesin-8: stepping, slipping, protein friction” (2009)

Charles Bradshaw (Zerial, MPG) – “Improving the analysis of genome-wide screens trough the detection of weakly conserved domains” (2009)

Maria Joao Carvalho (Eaton, MPG) – “Steraol requirements in Drosophila melanogaster” (2009)

Estelle Festor (Jessberger, TUD) – “Role of SMC1Beta in meiosis” (2009)

Julia Ganz (Brand, TUD) – “Subdivisions and molecular characteristics if the neurogenic niches in the adult zebrafish telecephalon” (2009)

Thomas Hannich (Kurzchalia, MPG) – “Lipid methylation in the development of Caenorhabditis elegans” (2009)

Roberto Iacone (Anastassiadis, TUD) – “Lineage commitment screens in mES cells using a tetracycline inducible cDNS library” (2009)

Britta Jedamzik (Eckmann, MPG) – “mRNA targets of GLD-3 in Caenorhabditis elegans” (2009)

Magno Junqueira (Shevchenko, MPG) – “Systematic characterization of mammalian protein complexes by shotgun liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry” (2009)

Diana Kadner (Brand, TUD) – “Mechanism of cell adhesion at the midbrain-hindbrain neural plate in the teleost danio rerio” (2009)

Marzuk Kamal (Howard, MPG) – “Coupling between membrane-curvature and lipid geometry” (2009)

Waldemar Kanczkowski (Bornstein, TUD) – “The role of toll-like receptors in the human adrenal gland” (2009)

Christian Klose (Simons, MPG) – “Membrane organization in yeast” (2009)

Maria Kolanczyk (Brand, TUD) – “Signaling mechanisms and developmental function of fibroblast growth factor receptors in zebrafish” (2009)

Till Korten (Diez, MPG) – “How Kinesin-1 deals with roadblocks:biophysical description and nanotechnological application” (2009)

Dragomir Krastev (Buchholz, MPG) – “An RNA interference synthetic interaction screen identifies vulnerability factors for TP53 mutant cells” (2009)

Daniel Lingwood (Simons, MPG) – “The Activation of Organization in Cell Membranes” (2009)

Jesse Lipp (Zachariae, MPG) – “Control of reductional chromosome segregation in meiosis” (2009)

Annalisa Marsico (Schroeder, TUD) – “Discovery and characterization of new structural and functional motifs in alpha-helical transmembrane proteins with an application to interpret Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy data” (2009)

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