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Top Ten Publications 2005

Lipoprotein particles are required for Hedgehog and Wingless signalling. Panáková D, Sprong H, Marois E, Thiele C, Eaton S. Nature. 2005 May 5;435(7038):58-65.

The conserved protein DCN-1/Dcn1p is required for cullin neddylation in C. elegans and S. cerevisiae. Kurz T, Ozlü N, Rudolf F, O'Rourke SM, Luke B, Hofmann K, Hyman AA, Bowerman B, Peter M. Nature. 2005 Jun 30;435(7046):1257-61.

A cytokinesis furrow is positioned by two consecutive signals. Bringmann H, Hyman AA. Nature. 2005 Aug 4;436(7051):731-4.

Current issues in mouse genome engineering. Glaser S, Anastassiadis K, Stewart AF. Nat Genet. 2005 Nov;37(11):1187-93. Review.

The yeast APC/C subunit Mnd2 prevents premature sister chromatid separation triggered by the meiosis-specific APC/C-Ama1. Oelschlaegel T, Schwickart M, Matos J, Bogdanova A, Camasses A, Havlis J, Shevchenko A, Zachariae W. Cell. 2005 Mar 25;120(6):773-88.

Cell biology. Ras on the roundabout. Meder D, Simons K. Science. 2005 Mar 18;307(5716):1731-3.

Extrusion of cells with inappropriate Dpp signaling from Drosophila wing disc epithelia. Shen J, Dahmann C. Science. 2005 Mar 18;307(5716):1789-90.

Modulation of receptor recycling and degradation by the endosomal kinesin KIF16B. Hoepfner S, Severin F, Cabezas A, Habermann B, Runge A, Gillooly D, Stenmark H, Zerial M. Cell. 2005 May 6;121(3):437-50.

A self-organized vortex array of hydrodynamically entrained sperm cells. Riedel IH, Kruse K, Howard J. Science. 2005 Jul 8;309(5732):300-3.

Rab conversion as a mechanism of progression from early to late endosomes. Rink J, Ghigo E, Kalaidzidis Y, Zerial M. Cell. 2005 Sep 9;122(5):735-49.

Quantitative evaluation of morpholino-mediated protein knockdown of GFP, MSX1, and PAX7 during tail regeneration in Ambystoma mexicanum. Schnapp E, Tanaka EM. Dev Dyn. 2005 Jan;232(1):162-70.

Gp135/podocalyxin and NHERF-2 participate in the formation of a preapical domain during polarization of MDCK cells. Meder D, Shevchenko A, Simons K, Füllekrug J. J Cell Biol. 2005 Jan 17;168(2):303-13.

Polyene-lipids: a new tool to image lipids. Kuerschner L, Ejsing CS, Ekroos K, Shevchenko A, Anderson KI, Thiele C. Nat Methods. 2005 Jan;2(1):39-45.

Robust formation of morphogen gradients. Bollenbach T, Kruse K, Pantazis P, González-Gaitán M, Jülicher F. Phys Rev Lett. 2005 Jan 14;94(1):018103.

RNA interference rescue by bacterial artificial chromosome transgenesis in mammalian tissue culture cells. Kittler R, Pelletier L, Ma C, Poser I, Fischer S, Hyman AA, Buchholz F. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Feb 15;102(7):2396-401.

Probing origins of molecular interactions stabilizing the membrane proteins halorhodopsin and bacteriorhodopsin. Cisneros DA, Oesterhelt D, Müller DJ. Structure. 2005 Feb;13(2):235-42.

Anchorage of synthetic peptides onto liposomes via hydrazone and alpha-oxo hydrazone bonds. preliminary functional investigations. Bourel-Bonnet L, Pécheur EI, Grandjean C, Blanpain A, Baust T, Melnyk O, Hoflack B, Gras-Masse H. Bioconjug Chem. 2005 Mar-Apr;16(2):450-7.

The role of Dpp signaling in maintaining the Drosophila anteroposterior compartment boundary. Shen J, Dahmann C. Dev Biol. 2005 Mar 1;279(1):31-43.

Cadherin Cad99C is regulated by Hedgehog signaling in Drosophila. Schlichting K, Demontis F, Dahmann C. Dev Biol. 2005 Mar 1;279(1):142-54.

Shield formation at the onset of zebrafish gastrulation. Montero JA, Carvalho L, Wilsch-Bräuninger M, Kilian B, Mustafa C, Heisenberg CP. Development. 2005 Mar;132(6):1187-98.

A comparison of the ability of XMAP215 and tau to inhibit the microtubule destabilizing activity of XKCM1. Noetzel TL, Drechsel DN, Hyman AA, Kinoshita K.

Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2005 Mar 29;360(1455):591-4.

Functional genomic analysis of cell division by endoribonuclease-prepared siRNAs. Kittler R, Buchholz F. Cell Cycle. 2005 Apr;4(4):564-7. Review.

Organization of assembly factors Cbp3p and Cbp4p and their effect on bc(1) complex assembly in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Kronekova Z, Rödel G. Curr Genet. 2005 Apr;47(4):203-12.

Evidence for the association of yeast mitochondrial ribosomes with Cox11p, a protein required for the Cu(B) site formation of cytochrome c oxidase. Khalimonchuk O, Ostermann K, Rödel G. Curr Genet. 2005 Apr;47(4):223-33.

Uncoupling of unwinding from DNA synthesis implies regulation of MCM helicase by Tof1/Mrc1/Csm3 checkpoint complex. Nedelcheva MN, Roguev A, Dolapchiev LB, Shevchenko A, Taskov HB, Shevchenko A, Stewart AF, Stoynov SS. J Mol Biol. 2005 Apr 1;347(3):509-21.

Photo-leucine and photo-methionine allow identification of protein-protein interactions in living cells. Suchanek M, Radzikowska A, Thiele C. Nat Methods. 2005 Apr;2(4):261-7.

Complex stability of single proteins explored by forced unfolding experiments. Janovjak H, Sapra KT, Müller DJ. Biophys J. 2005 May;88(5):L37-9.

Tissue distribution of a human Ca v 1.2 alpha1 subunit splice variant with a 75 bp insertion. Graf EM, Bock M, Heubach JF, Zahanich I, Boxberger S, Richter W, Schultz JH, Ravens U. Cell Calcium. 2005 Jul;38(1):11-21.

Lineage restriction maintains a stable organizer cell population at the zebrafish midbrain-hindbrain boundary. Langenberg T, Brand M. Development. 2005 Jul;132(14):3209-16.

Hedgehog signaling controls dorsoventral patterning, blastema cell proliferation and cartilage induction during axolotl tail regeneration. Schnapp E, Kragl M, Rubin L, Tanaka EM. Development. 2005 Jul;132(14):3243-53.

Locating ligand binding and activation of a single antiporter. Kedrov A, Krieg M, Ziegler C, Kuhlbrandt W, Muller DJ. EMBO Rep. 2005 Jul;6(7):668-74.

Cotranscriptional spliceosome assembly occurs in a stepwise fashion and requires the cap binding complex. Görnemann J, Kotovic KM, Hujer K, Neugebauer KM. Mol Cell. 2005 Jul 1;19(1):53-63.

An essential function of the C. elegans ortholog of TPX2 is to localize activated aurora A kinase to mitotic spindles. Ozlü N, Srayko M, Kinoshita K, Habermann B, O'toole ET, Müller-Reichert T, Schmalz N, Desai A, Hyman AA. Dev Cell. 2005 Aug;9(2):237-48.

An enzymatic cascade of Rab5 effectors regulates phosphoinositide turnover in the endocytic pathway. Shin HW, Hayashi M, Christoforidis S, Lacas-Gervais S, Hoepfner S, Wenk MR, Modregger J, Uttenweiler-Joseph S, Wilm M, Nystuen A, Frankel WN, Solimena M, De Camilli P, Zerial M. J Cell Biol. 2005 Aug 15;170(4):607-18.

Molecular and functional expression of voltage-operated calcium channels during osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells. Zahanich I, Graf EM, Heubach JF, Hempel U, Boxberger S, Ravens U. J Bone Miner Res. 2005 Sep;20(9):1637-46.

Aurora A phosphorylation of TACC3/maskin is required for centrosome-dependent microtubule assembly in mitosis. Kinoshita K, Noetzel TL, Pelletier L, Mechtler K, Drechsel DN, Schwager A, Lee M, Raff JW, Hyman AA. J Cell Biol. 2005 Sep 26;170(7):1047-55.

Measuring cell adhesion forces of primary gastrulating cells from zebrafish using atomic force microscopy. Puech PH, Taubenberger A, Ulrich F, Krieg M, Muller DJ, Heisenberg CP. J Cell Sci. 2005 Sep 15;118(Pt 18):4199-206.

Tyl6, a novel Ty3/gypsy-like retrotransposon in the genome of the dimorphic fungus Yarrowia lipolytica. Kovalchuk A, Senam S, Mauersberger S, Barth G. Yeast. 2005 Sep;22(12):979-91.

Wnt11 functions in gastrulation by controlling cell cohesion through Rab5c and E-cadherin. Ulrich F, Krieg M, Schötz EM, Link V, Castanon I, Schnabel V, Taubenberger A, Mueller D, Puech PH, Heisenberg CP. Dev Cell. 2005 Oct;9(4):555-64.

Production of endoribonuclease-prepared short interfering RNAs for gene silencing in mammalian cells. Kittler R, Heninger AK, Franke K, Habermann B, Buchholz F. Nat Methods. 2005 Oct;2(10):779-84.

Lipids as modulators of proteolytic activity of BACE: involvement of cholesterol, glycosphingolipids, and anionic phospholipids in vitro. Kalvodova L, Kahya N, Schwille P, Ehehalt R, Verkade P, Drechsel D, Simons K. J Biol Chem. 2005 Nov 4;280(44):36815-23.

Error-tolerant EST database searches by tandem mass spectrometry and multiTag software. Liska AJ, Sunyaev S, Shilov IN, Schaeffer DA, Shevchenko A. Proteomics. 2005 Nov;5(16):4118-22.

Hexagonal packing of Drosophila wing epithelial cells by the planar cell polarity pathway. Classen AK, Anderson KI, Marois E, Eaton S. Dev Cell. 2005 Dec;9(6):805-17.

Biogenesis of cytochrome c oxidase. Khalimonchuk O, Rödel G.

Mitochondrion. 2005 Dec;5(6):363-88. Epub 2005 Sep 29. Review.

A genome-wide visual screen reveals a role for sphingolipids and ergosterol in cell surface delivery in yeast. Proszynski TJ, Klemm RW, Gravert M, Hsu PP, Gloor Y, Wagner J, Kozak K, Grabner H, Walzer K, Bagnat M, Simons K, Walch-Solimena C. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Dec 13;102(50):17981-6.