Some of the DIPP PhD students

Student Activities

Activities Organized by the Student Representatives

Ask the Expert

This initiative has been created to allow PhD students to meet scientists, facility leaders and other experts on the campus to discuss life in and around science. The event takes place in a relaxed setting twice a year, and a different topic is discussed each time (e.g. “Science in Academia”, “Family and Science”, “A career in a core facility”).

Pizza, Science and Beyond

In this monthly event a PhD student has the opportunity to present his/her work to the fellow PhD students. The event encourages social interactions with pizza and calls for discussion during the presentation.

DIPP Vision Talks

see this dedicated page containing a list of upcoming DIPP Vision Talks

PhD Student Survey

Every year the student representatives perform a survey to assess students satisfaction with the program and ways to improve it.

DIPP Outstanding Mentor Award

Every year the Studreps perform a survey to nominate outstanding mentors. This is meant as an encouragement for PIs to provide a better working environment for the PhD students.

Activities Organized by PhD Students

BIOPOLIS Dresden PhD Symposium

Once a year all PhD students from the Dresden campus get to interact and share ideas in the PhD symposium. It is organized by DIPP students and BiPS students and supported by the PhD office of the DIPP. During this day, PhD students give talks, organize different activities to interact and present their projects in a poster session. This initiative allows the exchange of ideas and brings together all PhD students in the campus, which often brings new exciting collaborations.

DIPP PhD Symposium

see the dedicated page under Curriculum

Career Day

The Career Symposium is organized every year to explore the wide range of career opportunities available outside academia after graduation. The event, open to all young scientists on campus, has become a highly anticipated occasion to interact with fantastic speakers from various scientifically relevant fields.